Footwear and Apparel fulfillment

Footwear and apparel fulfillment requires a 3PL with robust processes because there are a lot of intricacies to consider. That's where a fulfillment centre like CCLS comes in.

Footwear and Apparel Fulfillment

CCLS has the expertise to manage your footwear and apparel inventory, from receiving, inspecting, and storing your products to picking, packing, and shipping your orders. We recognize the intricacies of footwear and apparel fulfillment, understanding that each item has different sizes, colors, and styles that need to be carefully managed and organized.  Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate order processing, real-time inventory tracking, and optimized shipping options to minimize transit times and costs.

By outsourcing to CCLS, you can streamline your footwear and apparel fulfillment processes, reduce overhead costs, and improve the customer experience with faster and more reliable shipping. Plus, you can focus on growing your business while we care for the rest.

National Coverage &
Fast Delivery

Twelve Distribution Centers located across Canada put your product close to your customers, ensuring fast delivery at great rates.


We track and report accurate & on-time order fulfillment to exceed your expectations…and your customers.


Custom kitting and packaging, labeling, inventory management and returns management, continuous improvement and more value-added services.

Built for Volume

Flexible solutions that are scalable for your business’ promotional periods, peak seasons & market growth.

Seamless System

Our tech team integrates with your order and inventory management systems, as well as eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.


Dynamic transportation modeling to deliver on-time performance for B2C and B2B end-point deliveries

Why accuracy is key to footwear and apparel fulfillment

Accuracy is essential in footwear and apparel fulfillment.  CCLS understands the need for accuracy, and works with you to ensure your customers receive exactly what they ordered in the expected time frame, building trust and loyalty to your brand.

CCLS Footwear and Apparel Fulfillment

Customer Satisfaction: Perhaps the most important reason is ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers expect to receive exactly what they ordered in the size, style, color, and quantity specified when they order a product. Mistakes in order fulfillment can lead to disappointment and frustration, potentially damaging the relationship with the customer.

Return and Exchange Rates: Inaccuracies can lead to higher rates of returns and exchanges, which add extra costs to the business. Handling returns and exchanges involves additional shipping, processing, and restocking efforts that could have been avoided with accurate fulfillment.

Inventory Management: Accurate fulfillment helps with effective inventory management. If the wrong items are shipped out, it could lead to incorrect inventory levels. This could cause out-of-stock situations or excess inventory, which are undesirable for the business.

Operational Efficiency: Accuracy in fulfillment means fewer mistakes and less time spent correcting them. This leads to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

Brand Reputation: Frequent fulfillment errors can harm a brand's reputation. Consistently accurate fulfillment helps build a reputation for reliability and quality service, which can attract and retain customers.

Competitive Advantage:  In a highly competitive marketplace, businesses that can deliver a seamless and error-free shopping experience will gain a competitive advantage. Fulfillment accuracy can directly contribute to business success.

In the age of e-commerce and online shopping, where customers have numerous options, the importance of accuracy in footwear and apparel fulfillment cannot be overstated. It directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall business success.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your footwear and apparel fulfillment and distribution.

All Your Favourite Couriers

We will deal with your couriers for you, and are able to offer significant discounts.

Seamless Integrations

CCLS can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems, including many popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Netsuite, SAP and JDE. We can also support complex custom developed API or EDI integrations or simple file transfer protocol (FTP).

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