Transborder Services

Our Transborder shipping programs save customers money and improve delivery times through a combination of shipment consolidation, zone skipping, and rate shop options.

Transborder Services

U.S. and Canadian firms shipping products across the border can reduce transportation costs and improve customer service with our innovative, technology-driven Transborder Services.

Our logistics engineering team will analyse your cross-border freight requirements including carriers, volumes, customs clearance, on-time delivery performance, and costs. We’ll then present available options to improve performance, reduce administration, and drive out unnecessary costs. We routinely can save customers 10%-15% of their cross-border transportation spend through fresh thinking, carrier management, technology, and streamlined logistics processes.


Our network of DCs and cross-dock facilities reduce delivery times and leverage freight consolidation savings.

Shipment Visability

Our integrated technology platforms provide you and your customers with real-time, door-to-door delivery visibilities and ETAs.


Customers can rate-shop for the lowest cost or fastest delivery. Click, print, and you’re ready to ship.

Customer Experience

Reliable on-line delivery ETAs reduce calls to your customer service team. Plus, no extra fees at the doorstep.…what’s paid at check out is the final charge.

Cross-Border Experts

Don’t let the border slow you down. We’re cross-border experts who will clear the way for your growth.

Customer Convenience

Over 7,000 drop-off and pick-up locations across all parts of Canada. And we can ship to PO boxes!

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