Founded in 2002, Rodan + Fields is one of the leading skincare companies in North America. The company is known for dermatology-inspired, innovative skincare products that deliver real results.

Rather than market their products through retail stores, R+F was born in the digital era and is designed to directly reach its network of consultants and customers via mobile and social networks. It’s a pioneering Direct Selling brand.
The company has grown its innovative line of products globally and expanded into Canada, Australia and Japan.

Canada is R+F’s second largest market and critical to the company’s ongoing success.


The R+F supply chain and logistics team play a key role in the overall success of the company. Rapid delivery of product orders contributes to the overall satisfaction levels of both customers and the R+F Consultants. Consumers are accustomed to Direct Selling firms that make product ordering easy. They expect to receive shipment tracking and alerts with delivery updates. And delivery times are measured in days, not weeks. R+F has to meet these increasingly high standards if they are to maintain their market leadership.

However, delivering products across Canada – including rural and remote parts of the country – can be challenging. R+F needed a 3rd party logistics company who could meet their high standards for delivery times. They needed a business partner that could keep pace with the company’s rapid growth, and their need for continuous improvement.


With R+F’s entry into the Canadian market in 2015, they selected Canada Cartage Logistics Solutions (CCLS) as their logistics partner. CCLS provides national fulfillment services and final mile delivery from their 350,000 square foot facility in Calgary Alberta, with additional parcel induction points in Vancouver, Toronto, and Moncton. The partnership has grown over the years to include:

  • Significant investments by CCLS in automation and technology at the fulfillment center to improve R+F order accuracy, cost efficiencies, and on-time delivery.
  • Integrated IT systems to help drive customer satisfaction and back-office efficiencies.
  • An innovative delivery network designed by the CCLS engineering team to take advantage of cost-saving and time-saving shipping methods.
  • A dedicated CCLS customer service team that responds with a high sense of urgency during R+F high volume events such as their annual convention sales, new product launches, and other promotional events.
  • CCLS’s active partnership in R+ F’s “Do Good” environmental sustainability program by implementing new packaging designs and materials that significantly reduce non-recyclable waste.


The partnership has had a large impact on Rodan + Field’s business in Canada which is critical to the company’s ongoing growth and success:

  • Improved transit time:
    National delivery times now average 2 – 3 days from Calgary to all points across Canada. This national fulfillment strategy from a single facility has helped to reduce R+F costs by eliminating the need for both Western and Eastern Canadian DCs.
  • Increased R+F Consultant satisfaction:
    Besides faster delivery of their orders, R+F’s Consultants are also enjoying the simple-to-use tracking portal that keeps them informed of order delivery dates.
  • Continuous Improvement and Cost Efficiency:
    Shared commitment by both companies to continuous improvement in the supply chain. R+ F reports continuous improvements in service levels, while keeping costs down.